Do you have group classes?

We have multiple types of group classes, which provide the support to follow the sessions that our coaches lead where everyone can work out at their own level. We have boot camp classes where you can expect to push sleds,  slam medicine balls, run sprints, hammer tires, do pull-ups, row, ski and more. We also have Group X classes, which are balanced and functional group workouts delivered in 45 minutes,  moving from one station to another under the guidance of an experienced coach. You can also take yoga classes in our serenely designed yoga studio. Read more about our classes here, and see our schedule here

Can I just come and workout on my own?

If you prefer to work out without a coach or a friend, you can use our new and innovative gym space for a full workout of your own choice. And if you feel it's hard to stay motivated and push as hard as you possibly can,  don't worry, we got you! When you become a member, you will have  FREE ACCESS to our APP-GUIDED WORK OUT PLANS created by our coaches that you can follow on your phone and work toward your fitness goals. 

Is there experienced staff to help me and show me how to use the equipment?

Our coaches and staff members are always on hand to help out. In addition, we always do a thorough walk-through of the complete facility and equipment when you join as a member. But whenever you need help, we’re here. 

Are the classes hard and am I (as a beginner) going to feel out-of-place?

Our coaches provide guidance and modification for each exercise during our classes. If you are working out on your own, your workout plan will also reflect your fitness and comfort level. So, don’t worry! You will feel that you belong, from the first class on. 

Does Escape Fitness Fair Lawn cater to serious athletes?

Our experienced coaches train not only serious, but also professional athletes on a daily basis. That’s one of our key strengths, as a sister business to the Parisi Speed School, where we provide the best training to both casual and professional athletes, under the same roof. 

Is there child care available on-site?

 We currently do not offer childcare, but we’re always working on ways to provide better services to our members. Stay tuned! 

Is there a place for seniors at Escape Fitness Fair Lawn?

Depending on the comfort level of our members, our coaches always modify each exercise during group classes. However, some of our members also prefer to have small group classes (groups of 2-4) with others who have similar fitness or comfort levels and find that to be a more comfortable setting. These small groups provide more dedicated attention and when needed, extra help from our coaches. 

Who is the typical member of Escape Fitness Fair Lawn?

Anyone determined to take their health and fitness to the next level. We have a community of members who are supportive and connective. To tell you the truth, if you are someone who puts others down to feel better, you won’t like it here. Here, we lift each other up. 

Are there early morning and evening classes?

 We offer multiple classes daily and throughout the week. See our schedule here

Are there locker rooms where I can get ready for work?

 Yes, absolutely. Newly renovated locker rooms are there when you need them. 

Are there other services available (e.g., nutrition, physical therapy, etc.)?

 We offer nutrition coaching, personal training, a juice/smoothie bar, and ready-to-eat meals available on site .


Do the programs help with weight loss?

A regular exercise regimen with a balanced/healthy diet is the only way to achieve healthy weight loss. We take pride in supporting the health journey of many of our members. Have a look at some member testimonials here

If I’m over-weight, am I going to feel intimidated?

Our supportive community of members, coaches and staff make all members feel at home. Most of us have followed journeys that involved the chase of weight and fitness goals, and we applaud anyone who takes a first step in their own journey. 

How often do I have to come to see results?

Fitness goals and results are different for everyone. Our team of fitness and nutrition coaches will work with you so that you have the best tools and the set up to reach your specific goals. 

Can I arrange personal training?

 Yes! Please see our personal training options here. 

Are there different intensity levels of classes?

Group classes are led by our experienced coaches, who adjust and provide modified versions of each exercise during the classes, as needed, based on the level of comfort of our members attending a class. 

Do I need to bring anything for a class?

All the equipment you need will be set up before you attend a class. You may want to bring some water and a clean towel to refresh yourself during class, between rounds. Oh, and a positive attitude. That’s it. 

Do I need to sign-up for classes prior to attending?

In order to ensure your space in a class, we ask all our members to enroll in a class using their online accounts prior to coming in. 

How many classes can I attend a month?

You can attend as many classes as you want (Except for yoga, which is not part of our membership levels. Yoga class access is sold separately). Your membership level will determine which type of classes you can attend. See our membership level details here


How do I start?

 Go to our membership page, and sign up for the membership level of your choice. You can also become a member in-person. We can’t wait to have you join us! 

How much does it cost?

Please see our membership level details here, and ongoing promotions here

What happens if I sign up and I don’t like it?

You can cancel anytime. No tricks, no restrictions. We would, however, love a chance to make things right with you. If there’s anything that prevents you from having the best experience here at Escape Fitness, please let us know. 

Why is Escape Fitness Fair Lawn more expensive than some of the other clubs in the area?

We take pride in the value that we provide to our members: The level of access to varied and carefully-designed programming delivered in a well-equipped and modern fitness club environment, by our experienced and genuinely helpful coaches, and additional services such as nutrition coaching, personal training and more. If there’s anything that prevents you from receiving the best value out of your time here at Escape Fitness, please let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. 

Is there an annual fee?

 We don’t charge annual fees. Your monthly membership fee is the only cost you incur. 

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, just let us know, and we will help you with that. 

Do you offer a referral discount if I bring a friend and they sign up?

We’d love to see friends of our friends join us. Please click here for our membership referral program.