Training that works for YOU



Group Training:  Structured group classes provide the support to follow the sessions that our coaches lead where everyone can work out at their own level. 

Small-Group Training:  2-4 people with similar schedules can share a session of training and get more dedicated attention from their coach. 

Personal Training: Coaches design and continuously modify a program customized specifically for you and be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals.


Escape Fitness - app-guided workout plans

If you prefer to workout without a coach or a friend, all good!  Use our new and innovative gym space for a full workout of your own choice. But if you feel it's hard to stay motivated and push as hard as you possibly can,  don't worry. we got you! When you become a member, you will have  FREE ACCESS to our APP-GUIDED WORK OUT PLANS created by our coaches that you can follow on your phone and work toward your fitness goals. Read more.


Boot Camp


WHAT: These classes feature a unique combination of warm-ups, speed training, strength training, endurance training and flexibility work. The most important component of the system is its community/tribe approach. 

Each session is 60 minutes long.


  • Sprint & Upper Body Lift
  • Lower Body Lift
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • Total Body
  • Power Lift
  • Active Stretching

HOW: You can expect to push sleds,  slam medicine balls, run sprints, hammer tires, do pull-ups, row, ski and more. Countless exercises to keep each session fun and challenging at your own level and pace.

WHERE: These classes generally demand more space and take place on our massive turf and track.

Group X


WHAT: A balanced and functional group workout in 45 minutes, using innovative Escape Fitness equipment, moving from one station to another under the guidance of an experienced coach. 


  • HIIT the Deck Upper Body
  • HIIT the Deck Lower Body
  • HIIT the Deck Total Body

HOW: During HIIT the Deck classes,  you will have great cardio, strength and plyometric (jumps!) workouts focused around the Escape Deck 2.0 (pictured above). And MOVE IT classes will have you move through a series of workout zones, with equipment and exercises carefully chosen to develop total body strength, functional strength, and endurance.

WHERE: These classes take place in the Group X room on our second floor. 


Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Yoga Classes

WHAT: A  lot is said and written about yoga. We love to define it as a journey to self-contemplation. General classes last for 60 minutes, and extended classes are 75 minutes. 

Our yoga packages are offered separately, outside of general membership levels and can be utilized by all Escape members and non-members alike.

HOW: During our yoga sessions, you can expect to breathe, focus, stretch and relax, as well as learn to make a mind/body connection.

WHERE: Yoga sessions take place in the serenely designed Yoga Escape Studio on our first floor. 

Other Services

Nutrition Coaching

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition is a key factor in the training of a professional or a casual athlete.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, adjust your body composition, or to gain muscle, we provide nutritional coaching to help you become the best version of you. READ MORE. 

MyZone wearable heart rate bands


We now offer wearable MyZone heart rate bands to accurately and conveniently track your physical activity. You can see your activity at the gym during your workout, or you can view it on your app, and you can keep track over time, too.  READ MORE.

Injury Risk Analysis

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Injury Risk Analysis - Sparta Force Plate

Access to injury risk analysis scan (Sparta Science) that identifies how you move and instantly provides input to reduce future injuries and optimize your physical fitness & performance. 

Progress Tracking


Tracking of your body composition analysis (water, muscle and fat mass) through InBody body scanning. scale. We also track your personal bests (within the boot camp program: for sprints, deadlift, rowing, and chin-ups). You know what they say: If you won't measure it, you can't improve it!

13,000 sqft of training space. No joke.

Group X Room

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Group X Room

 For a challenging, fun, varied and results-focused workout experience, nothing quite matches a great functional workout in a group.

3-HUB Room

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - 3 HUB room

Three hubs that allow workouts from plyometrics to strength training to core work and more. It’s a fully-stocked workout station for athletes of all levels. 

Octagon Room

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Octagon Room

With 18 different activities, eight-sided Octagon is a great approach to functional and performance-based training.

Main Gym Area

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Main gym area

One-of-a-kind gym designed for easy flow and productive training and workouts. Brand new, top-quality equipment across the floor.

Cardio Deck

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Cardio deck

Ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, skiers, steppers and more.

Yoga Studio

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Yoga Studio

Brand new, calm and pleasant yoga studio, designed for the perfect yoga escape in Fair Lawn.

Indoor Track

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - 6 lane track

6-lane Mondo track to discover or bring out the sprinter in you.

Turf Area

Escape Fitness of Fair Lawn - Turf area

You guessed it. This photo doesn't do our massive turf space any justice. It's not your mom or dad's gym.

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